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Outpatient Geriatric Care

The Maine Medical Center Geriatrics Center is located at 66 Bramhall Street in Portland, Maine. We provide expert care to older adults using a multidisciplinary team approach. Our close proximity to Maine Medical Center ensures coordinated and collaborative. Our geriatric medicine specialists focus on age-related issues that can impact daily life for older adults. We provide clinical services as well as information and tools to optimize health and day-to-day functioning.

The Geriatric Assessment Team at the Geriatric Center is staffed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of a Geriatrician, an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist, and a Social Worker. The team focuses on elder health and age-related issues that can impact functional independence and quality of life for seniors. All team members are either board certified or licensed and have broad experience in Geriatrics.

Once individual needs are identified, other members of the team may be asked to contribute to the plan of care. The Geriatric Assessment Program is consultative in nature and is not meant to replace regular medical care. In fact, staff at the center work closely with the primary physician and family members to coordinate a plan that addresses day to day challenges and is easily incorporated into ongoing medical treatment. We will coordinate with your primary care physician to obtain medical records. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance cover visits to the Center. Appointments are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Our Memory Disorders Program is designed to assess memory and other problems identified with thinking. Staffed by a Geriatrician, a Geriatric Psychiatrist, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, an Occupational Therapist, and a Social Worker, there is also access to Neurology and Neuropsychology specialists if needed. Depending on an individual's cognitive symptoms and history, all or some of the team will meet with the patient and caregivers to provide assessment and care.

During the assessment, the team looks at multiple factors that can influence a person's thinking. These factors include major physical illness, medication and other substance use, depression and the presence of stroke related injury. When identified, efforts to correct or minimize their effect on thinking are made.  In evaluating Alzheimer's and other types of dementia, the team examines the severity of changes in thought, emotion and behavior.

At the Geriatric Center, we strive to provide clear information about dementia and practical strategies that help the patient be safe, comfortable and as independent as possible.  We rely on both medication and non-medication treatment strategies and support of both patients and their caregivers is important to us. Referral and coordination with community programs such as the Alzheimer's Association, Southern Maine Agency on Aging and home service providers are one of our strengths. Follow-up care is often arranged following the initial memory disorder assessment. Appointments are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Falls are known to be a primary cause of injury and accidental death in the elderly and they become more common and the results more serious as we age. The frail and elderly are not the only ones at risk for falling. Even those older persons who appear strong and healthy can be susceptible. In fact, the fear of falling itself can lead to isolation, decreased mobility, deconditioning and depression. The good news however, is that falls in older adults are both predictable and preventable.

Maine Medical Center's Geriatric Center has developed a special clinic to address the issue of falling. The goal of our Falls Clinic is to prevent as many falls as possible by helping seniors to identify potential risk factors for falling and then learn how to control those risk factors. Staffed by a Geriatrician and a Physical Therapist, this clinic is designed to help individuals who have fallen frequently, or who have been identified as a being at risk for falling. Visits to the clinic include a detailed evaluation of balance, strength, endurance and coordination as well as an assessment of other risk factors associated with falling. Those risk factors include:

  • Medication side effects and interactions
  • Effects of other diseases (such as arthritis or stroke)
  • Decreased memory
  • Environmental risks
  • Development of a comprehensive treatment plan with follow-up visits to the clinic as needed

The ability to successfully manage concerns about falling can have a positive impact on emotional health and well being. Taking steps to prevent falls ensures the ability to engage in daily routines and activities with confidence and improved safety. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Individuals and Care Teams

Physician Referral

Physicians should call (207) 662-2847 to make referral appointments.

The Geriatric Outpatient Clinic is located at 66 Bramhall Street, a block away from Maine Medical Center. With its own designated parking lot, wheelchair ramp and convenience to MMC, the Center is easily accessible for patients, families and staff alike. You will see our sign, 66 Bramhall, as you approach the building.

  • Enter through our front entrance and you will see the elevator
  • We're located on the Lower Level
  • You will see a sign to help find us as you exit the elevator


From the North:

Take the Maine Turnpike (I-95) south to Exit 45, the South Portland exit at the Maine Mall.
Take the exit for Interstate 295 after the toll booth, continuing on I-295 north to Exit 5, Congress Street.
Continue along Congress Street through three traffic lights.
Take a right on Bramhall Street and then take the first right, you will see our sign - 66 Bramhall Street.

From the South:

Take the Maine Turnpike (I-95) north to Exit 44, for downtown Portland.
After the toll booth, continue straight on Interstate 295 to Exit 5, Congress Street.
Continue along Congress Street through three traffic lights.
Take a right on Bramhall Street and then take the first right, you will see our sign - 66 Bramhall Street.
From the West - Route 302: Follow Route 302 east to Forest Avenue.
At the end of Forest Avenue, turn right onto Congress Street.
Follow Congress Street until you see Bramhall Street.
Take a left on Bramhall Street and then take the first right, you will see our sign - 66 Bramhall Street.

Contact Us

Geriatric Center at MMC

Phone: (207) 662-2847
66 Bramhall Street
Suite G1/Lower Level
Portland, ME 04102

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