Maine Medical Center
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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine team specializes in caring for high-risk obstetrical patients, offering complete prenatal care and delivery, state-of-the-art ultrasound, genetic counseling and obstetrical counseling – before and during pregnancy.

We work with other obstetrical care providers throughout Maine and New England, including obstetricians, family physicians and nurse midwives. Patients who deliver at Maine Medical Center are supported by the fully staffed facilities of the Family Birth Center, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 24-hour availability of specialists in anesthesia, neonatology and pediatric surgery.

High-Risk Prenatal Care 

Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides exceptional prenatal care to expectant women, and their unborn babies, who are considered “high risk” because of potential pregnancy-related problems or special health reasons.

Prenatal care includes frequent appointments with our specialized clinical staff. During those visits we will review your plan of care, answer your questions, discuss concerns and provide the educational and emotional support you need during your high-risk pregnancy. Additional services include fetal heart rate monitoring and diabetes education, along with many other diagnostic and laboratory tests.

Our Services

We also offer patients the following services:

  • Consultation for obstetrical and medical complications of pregnancy
  • First trimester screening
  • Non-stress test
  • Pre conceptual counseling