Pediatric Outpatient Referrals

Communicating About Referrals

Making the Referral

Epic practices:

  • Submit referral directly through Epic for all pediatric specialties except Allergy & Immunology, Orthopedics and Rheumatology. See referral pathways below.

Non-Epic practices and to refer to Allergy & Immunology, Orthopedics and Rheumatology:

  • Submit referral via fax, numbers provided below.

For EMERGENT questions on potential referrals, all transfers and critical care transports

  1. Call OneCall at 207-662-6632
  2. OneCall will page the provider on call

For NON-EMERGENT questions on potential referrals

Epic Practices – use Epic inbasket message to communicate with Epic sub-specialists:

  • Only for non-urgent communications
  • Response from specialist typically within 2 business days
  • Inbasket messages should go to provider pools. Pool names are listed below.
  • Regular email should not be used for these type of referral questions

Non-Epic Practices – call office phone and leave a message:

  • Call practice number to leave message for on-call provider
  • Do not page or directly contact provider for non-emergent questions

Non-urgent questions about potential referrals should be sent via Epic In Basket messaging to the appropriate group of pediatric sub-specialists. You can search for the provider pools by clicking the “To…” button in an in basket message and searching in the “Pools” search bar for the name listed below:

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Referral Questions

Pediatric Cardiology Referral Questions 

Pediatric Behavioral/Developmental Referral Questions

Pediatric Diabetes Referral Questions

Pediatric Endocrinology Referral Questions

Pediatric Genetics Referral Questions

Pediatric Gastroenterology Referral Questions

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Referral Questions

Pediatric Infectious Disease Referral Questions

Pediatric Nephrology Referral Questions

Pediatric Neurology Referral Questions

Pediatric Psychiatry Referral Questions

Pediatric Pulmonary Referral Questions

Pediatric Surgery Referral Questions

Pediatric Urology Referral Questions

Pediatric Specialty PracticeREF NumberEpic CodeContact
Adolescent & Young Adult MedicineCall 207-775-4151 MMP South Portland Pediatrics
Allergy & Immunology Fax 207-761-2127 Allergy & Asthma Associates of Maine

AMB Referral to Congenital Heart 

Congenital Heart
Cleft Lip & PalateREF9744378AMB Referral to Cleft Lip and Palate ClinicCleft Lip & Palate
Weight ManagementREF104AMB  Referral to MMC Weight & Wellness
MMC Weight & Wellness Program
AMB Referral to MMP Dermatology MMP Dermatology
Developmental & Behavioral HealthREF101001

AMB Referral to MMP PSC Dev & Beh Health

AMB Referral to PSC NICU Follow Up Clinic
MMP Pediatric Specialty Care

AMB Referral to MMP PSC Diabetes

MMP Pediatric Specialty Care

AMB Referral to MMP PSC Endocrinology

MMP Pediatric Specialty Care

AMB Referral to MMP PSC Gastroenterology

MMP Pediatric Specialty Care

AMB Referral to MMP PSC Endocrinology

MMP Pediatric Specialty Care

AMB Referral to MMP PSC Genetics

MMP Pediatric Specialty Care
Hematology/OncologyREF210100AMB Referral to Maine Children Cancer Program (MCCP)
Maine Children’s Cancer Program
Infectious Disease/Travel ClinicREF1076AMB Referral to MMP PSC Infectious DiseaseMMP Pediatric Specialty Care
NephrologyREF1077AMB Referral to MMP PSC NephrologyMMP Pediatric Specialty Care

AMB Referral to MMP Pediatric Neurology

Maine Medical Partners Neurology
Neurology (Cerebral Palsy, MDA, Duchenne MD, Spina Bifida)REF10555AMB Referral to MMP Pediatric NeurodevelopmentalMaine Medical Partners Neurology
Orthopedics Fax 207-874-0320 Not on EpicSpectrum Orthopaedics
Otolaryngology REF220100 AMP Referral to MMP OtolaryngologyMMP Otolaryngology - Scarborough
MMP Otolaryngology - Biddeford
Child & Adolescent PsychiatryREF60913
AMB Ref to MMC OP Psych Child
MMC Child & Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatry
PulmonologyREF1082AMB Referral to MMP PSC Pulmonary MedMMP Pediatric Specialty Care
Rheumatology Fax 207-874-7478Not on EpicRheumatology Associates
Sports MedicineREF220048AMB Ref to MMP Ortho Sports MedMMP Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
SurgeryREF1084AMB Referral to MMP Pediatric SurgeryMMP Pediatric Specialty Care
UrologyREF11106AMB Referral to MMP UrologyMMP Urology

Referral Guidelines

Referral guidelines are meant to help primary care providers decide if specialty referral is needed. They are not intended to be comprehensive management algorithms.



Developmental & Behavioral

Diabetes & Endocrinology



Gender Clinic

  • Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Youth

Hematology/Oncology (Maine Children’s Cancer Program)

Infectious Disease



Palliative Care


Sports Medicine