Below you can find COPD resources for health care professionals, including COPD Assist and patient education. 

Inhaled Medications Chart

The Inhaled Medication Chart is a comprehensive list of FDA approved inhaled medications to treat lung disease. The chart lists generic and brand names, medication class, age recommendations, doses and strengths and special considerations such as priming instructions, frequency and whether or not it should be combined with other inhaled medications.

About the Guidelines

The clinical guidelines and policies on this page assist clinicians in standardizing the evaluation, diagnosis, and care of patients, with the goal of achieving optimal outcomes. The guidelines translate national recommendations and the best available evidence into local context.

Adherence to these guidelines should limit unwanted or unintended variation in practice, but guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive. The clinician retains the responsibility to select the appropriate guideline for a particular patient and to use the guideline to the extent that it serves the individual patient.

Any given approach must be carefully considered with each individual patient to ensure that an effective Shared Decision Making process is in place, which reflects the patient's personal wishes, medical history, and family history.