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Worksite Wellness Award Program

Healthy Community Coalition's worksite wellness annual award program called WorkHealthy! is a free program that allows businesses to be awarded and recognized for having healthy worksite policies and practices. Policy development is a crucial part of changing the workplace environment. HCC is committed to help you create a healthier office by supporting your policy efforts.

Our Program Offers:

  • New tools ways to promote health and wellness in the office.
  • Awards and recognition for your work.
  • Chances to learn more about community events, workshops and meetings.
  • Technical assistance with health policy development.
  • Access to HCC’s health screenings.
  • Chance to win a grand prize if your business is one of the top achievers.

Contact Us

For more information contact Karen Garland-Kidder.

Worksite Wellness Services

Healthy Community Coalition is pleased to offer worksite wellness services that offer affordable, comprehensive health and wellness interventions to businesses, big and small, and to demonstrate to employers the cost-effectiveness of health and wellness interventions that will meet any company's needs and budget.

With the appropriate initiatives in place, the preventable health-related costs that plague all companies can be minimized.  With improved health, comes greater quality of life and a happier, more productive workforce. Healthy Community Coalition is committed to turning our efforts toward prevention, one company at a time.

Worksite health promotion should be viewed as an investment in a business’ most important asset, its employees. Studies show that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal health. Benefits of implementing a wellness program include:

  • Attracting the most talented workers
  • Reducing absenteeism and lost time
  • Improving on-the-job time utilization, decision making and productivity
  • Improving employee morale
  • Reduction in turnover
  • Improved disease management and prevention, and a healthier workforce in general, both of which contribute to lower health care costs.
  • Reduce Stress

Healthy Community Coalition is dedicated to providing wellness programming that fits every company’s needs and budget. The following services are available:

  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Cholesterol Screenings
  • Flu Shots
  • Osteoporosis (Bone Density) Screenings
  • Colon Cancer Pre-Screening
  • Breast Exams
  • Pap Smears
  • Schedule Mammograms
  • Tobacco Dependence and Treatment Counseling
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition Counseling
  • Body Composition Screenings (InBody720)
  • Free Worksite Wellness Award Program
  • Technical Assistance with Health Policy Development

Our Plans

Healthy Start Plan

The Healthy Start Plan includes several initiatives facilitated by your Health Educator. The following services will be provided:

Management Training - Facilitation of a training session for management staff prior to the delivery of services.

Wellness Initiatives - Choose four from the following:

  • Quarterly seminars/Lunch and Learns
  • Monthly wellness newsletter
  • Development of bi-monthly bulletin boards
  • Ongoing distribution of educational materials
  • Four hours of assistance in health-related policy changes
  • Internal wellness team support
  • Facilitation of two motivational programs or contests
  • Two hours/months of general consultation

Additional Services - Semi-annual meetings to discuss program status and cost-effectiveness.

Healthy Choice Plan

The Healthy Choice Plan includes:

  • Healthy Start Plan, plus:
  • Face-to-face health risk assessment (once annually/employee)
  • Telephonic health coaching
  • Appointment frequency: High Risk: 4/year, Medium Risk: 2/year, Low Risk: 1/year

Healthy Habit Plan

The Healthy Habit Plan includes:

  • Healthy Start Plan, plus:
  • Face-to-face health risk assessment (once annually/employee)
  • Face-to-face health coaching
  • Appointment frequency: High Risk: 4/year, Medium Risk: 2/year, Low Risk: 1/year

Other Services

Our registered nurse will administer flu shots, clinical breast exams and/or bone density screenings at your location.


For more information on our services please call Karen Garland-Kidder at 207-779-2018 or Cheryl Moody, RN at 207-779-2214.