Cardiovascular Services
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Clinical Guidelines

MaineHealth aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for cardiovascular patients through a consistent approach to care across all care settings. We use evidence-based clinical pathways, clinical decision tools and comprehensive patient care plans that provide a clear path forward - including self-care.

2020 Outcomes & Innovations Report

Learn more about our key achievements, outcomes and innovations in heart and vascular care.

Please use the evidence-based tools and resources listed below.

DISCLAIMER: The clinical guidelines and policies on this page assist clinicians in standardizing the evaluation, diagnosis, and care of patients, with the goal of achieving optimal outcomes. The guidelines translate national recommendations and the best available evidence into local context. Adherence to these guidelines should limit unwanted or unintended variation in practice, but guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive. The clinician retains the responsibility to select the appropriate guideline for a particular patient and to use the guideline to the extent that it serves the individual patient. Any given approach must be carefully considered with each individual patient to ensure that an effective "shared decision making" process is in place, reflecting the patient's personal wishes, medical history, and family history.