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Urgent Care

Walk-in Care

Emergency Care

For life threatening emergencies, call 911 or go to your local hospital's emergency department.

Behavioral Health Care

  • Outpatient care: 844-292-0111
  • Crisis counseling: 888-568-1112
  • Life-threatening emergency or overdose: Call 911 or go to your local hospital's emergency department.

Where to Go for Care

Health care continues to be busier than ever—and MaineHealth care teams are proving that no matter the demands, the hours, the stress … they’ll show up for us. While they do everything they can to care for our communities, please try to stay healthy using these infectious disease prevention and home care tips:

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And if you do need expert care, we’ll be here for you.

If you need medical attention for respiratory illness symptoms, please contact your primary care provider first.

For urgent medical care, please consider urgent care or walk-in care locations. They can treat more serious, yet non-life threatening, conditions—often with shorter wait times than the emergency room.

Primary Care is for well visits, sick visits, vaccines, anxiety, depression & chronic conditions. Open weekdays.
Walk-in care is for treatment of minor illnesses or injuries when your primary care provider is unavailable. Open daily.
Urgent Care is for serious but non-life-threatening conditions. Open daily.
Emergency care is for severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Always open.


Looking for help with behavioral health or substance use?

Support Options
Primary Care
Outpatient Care
Emergency BH Care
Immediate care for conditions
that are not life-threatening but
need to be addressed quickly.
The go-to place for managing
your behavioral health care.
Psychiatry, counseling and/or
case management services. May
require a referral from your PCP.  
Immediate care for life-threatening
conditions, including substance
use/overdose or desire to harm
self or others.
 Always Open
Open weekdays, some
have late, early and weekend

Open weekdays, some clinics
have early and late hours

 Always Open

• Online and phone support for
social service resources and
referral information

WARMLINE (866-771-9276)
Talk with peers about:
• Emotional well-being
• Managing stress
• Relationship problems

CRISIS (888-568-1112)
• Immediate help for a mental
health crisis
• Assistance with crisis resolution
and action planning

Good for:
• Depression and anxiety
• Other behavioral health and
substance use problems
• Managing stress
• Support for managing
chronic illness
• Chronic conditions
• Medication management

Good for:
• Depression and anxiety
• Acute/chronic mental
• Relationship problems
• Family crises
• Sexual or physical abuse
• Addictions and substance
use problems
• PTSD & recovery from tragic
• Many other emotional &
mental health difficulties

Call Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Toll Free at 844-292-0111 to make
an appointment.

MOBILE CRISIS (888-568-1112)
• Assistance with crisis
• Assistance determining
need for behavioral health
emergency department visit
or hospital admission

• Significant mental health
• Substance use/overdose