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What can I do in MyChart?

MyChart is MaineHealth’s secure online health portal that keeps patients connected to their health care information like appointments, test results and prescriptions. MyChart also allows you to send secure messages to your provider. With MyChart, you can:

Schedule or request an appointment

With MyChart, you can schedule or request an appointment online, even when your provider’s office is closed. You can also view past appointments, reschedule or cancel appointments and get related information like directions, phone numbers and instructions. To schedule or request an appointment, log in to your MyChart account and click the Visits tab. 

See a history of your appointments

To view past appointments, log in to your MyChart account. Under the Appointments menu, choose Past Appointments from the drop-down list. MyChart will display a list of previous appointments by date. Click each date to see an appointment summary, including the reason for the visit, your vital signs at the time of the visit and any follow-up instructions.

Cancel appointments

Appointments that are scheduled to occur more than 24 hours into the future may be canceled online. Please call your provider’s office directly to cancel or change appointments that are scheduled to occur in less than 24 hours,

Manage your medications

All your medications and dosages are listed in one place. If you are running low and have refills left, simply call your pharmacy to request a refill. To renew a prescription in MyChart, log in to your account, click Medications, then Request a Renewal and provide the requested info. After your doctor approves your request, you can pick up your medication at your pharmacy.

Send secure messages to your provider

If you have a simple question about a medication or test result, you can send a secure message to your provider in MyChart. In case of emergency, do not use MyChart to contact your provider. Please contact your doctor directly by telephone or, call 911. To send a message, log in to your MyChart account, click Message Center and then click Contact Your Doctor.

View test results

Get your lab test results as soon as they're available and track how you're doing over time. If you had a COVID-19 test completed, results are also posted in MyChart as soon as they are available. With MyChart, you'll see an explanation of your results, and when appropriate, see them compared to results that are considered normal.

Pay your bill online

Sign in to MyChart to pay a bill, view statements, switch to paperless billing, and more. Or, you can pay as a guest.

Care for your loved ones

With MyChart, you can securely access medical information on behalf of your child, parent, or someone else in your care. First, you must request access in person at their provider’s office. If the person is over age 13, you will both need to complete a release of information form together before access can be granted. View the MyChart Proxy Access Consent Form.

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