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Public Health Service Act

PHSA Section 2718: Bringing Down the Cost of Health Care Coverage: Standard Charges

Actual hospital payments are the result of complex negotiations among providers, employers, private insurers and the government. As a result, base service charges can be distorted and often do not reflect the final cost to insurers or patients. Recognizing this, MaineHealth provides individualized financial assistance.  We will work with patients to review their insurance coverage and provide information about the true cost of services to them. We support the goal of price transparency, and we fully comply with laws and regulations that require we make our standard service charges for items and services provided by the hospitals available. However, we would urge anyone who would like a price estimate to contact us directly at 207-887-5100, or toll free at 866-804-2499, and take advantage of the assistance we offer navigating the complexities of health care finance.

Below are links to each hospital's standard charges:

Note: Standard charges may be subject to a price variance based upon factors such as location, time, quantity, service line, as well as other factors. Patient bills may be higher or lower than the standard charge for a procedure, supply or test based on location, individual needs and medical condition.