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Volunteer Information Center

Current volunteers can access the Volunteer Information Center where you have access to view your volunteer hours, update your personal information and access the annual Safety & Policy Review information.

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to:

Volunteer Services
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102
Phone: 207-662-2205
Fax: 207-662-4123 or

Adult Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at MMC. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in our adult volunteer program. Patient care and safety are our top priority. Volunteer assignments are made based on hospital needs and individual suitability for the assignments. Before applying, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I 18 years of age or older?
  • Am I able to commit to 3-4 hours a week for at least six months?
  • Do I enjoy working in new situations, taking on different duties, or helping in additional ways based on the needs of the people around me?
  • Do I agree to submit to a criminal background check?
  • Am I comfortable in a health care setting?
  • If English is a second language, have I reached ESL Proficiency Level 4?
  • Do I hold a valid U.S. Social Security Number?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, it is possible that MMC may not meet your volunteer goals. If you answered "yes" to all, please proceed.

Getting Started: How do I apply?

  1. Review Volunteer Opportunities Quick Reference Guide
  2. Complete Application
  3. We are fortunate to receive many volunteer applications. If an opportunity is available we will contact you with next steps.

If you need assistance, please call 207-662-2205.


Volunteer Application

We're happy to announce that volunteer applications are now open to the public.