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MaineHealth Food Pantry at Franklin

MaineHealth is partnering with Good Shepherd Food Bank to open its first hospital-affiliated food pantries in Farmington and Norway, Maine. Establishing food pantries as part of our services as a health care organization is a natural part of our continuum of care in our communities.
MaineHealth Food Pantry at Franklin

In Maine, one out of every five children and one out of every ten people are food insecure. Food insecurity means not having reliable access to affordable, healthy food. Our goal is to offer a variety of fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable foods free for our care team members, patients, and their entire households. We know that many Mainers have a hard time accessing food and we hope this resource will give those in need reliable access to food that supports their health and wellbeing.

Food insecurity makes a person more likely to develop a chronic disease, making it harder to manage disease. Those using our food pantry will be identified through a screening process in our practices and hospital departments and referred to the program.

Visitors will find the pantry welcoming and confidential, with helpful staff and healthy food options, including local produce. Our team will talk with you about your household needs and provide you with one week’s worth of food per visit.

The MaineHealth Food Pantry at Franklin is located at 105 Mt. Blue Circle, Suite 2, Farmington, ME 04938 - 500 feet down the road from Franklin Memorial Hospital on Rt. 2. The driveway to parking is to the right of the building, which will bring referred patients and employees to the pantry’s main entrance at the back of the building. 

Open Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10am-2pm 
By appointment, call 207-779-2150

Food Insecurity

Not having access to nutritious food puts a person’s wellbeing at risk. Learn more about how hunger affects a person’s ability to manage their health.

Contact Us

At this time our food pantry is open to our patients and employees. Contact us for additional information.