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WOW! 2021 - Refocusing on You

The modern world is fast-paced and demanding. In order to take care of our community, families and patients we must take care of ourselves. When we are happy and healthy, we are engaged, productive, more creative and innovative - key attributes to wellbeing.

Wellbeing is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” Wellbeing is different for everyone, whether it's practicing meditation, becoming more active, focusing on work/life balance, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, working towards a balanced eating pattern, or spending time with family. Making wellbeing a priority is the first step to living your best life at home and at work. Our WOW! mission is to support MaineHealth employees on their wellness journey by implementing tools and programs designed to meet the needs of employees at different points in their life.

Wellbeing starts with recognizing that our behaviors have a significant impact on our health and wellness. Adopting healthy habits such as adequate sleep, balanced diet, and movement, and avoiding destructive habits such as tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, leads to optimal wellbeing. Be sure to explore WOW! programs on this webpage, tips, tools, challenges, and events to help you explore the dimensions of wellbeing.

Get Healthy in the Garden!

Spring is here and it’s time to gear up for garden season! Did you know that planting and tending a garden is a great way to boost morale, relieve anxiety and reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone)? Between walking, moving bags of soil, weeding and raking, gardening can also provide a nice workout! New to gardening? Not sure where to start? MaineHealth has partnered with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension to provide you with the right tools to get your garden growing.

On April 26th from 6 – 7 pm, join WOW! in partnership with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension horticulture professionals and educators during the Get Your Garden Growing panel discussion. Prior to the discussion, please review these short, pre-recorded videos:

During the panel discussion, we will discuss episodes 1-4 and have a robust question & answer session. Whether you have a small patio container garden or a large back yard garden, gardening is a healthy way to nurture nature and relieve stress. Registration is required. Employees who attend the full April 26th panel discussion will be entered into a raffle to win one out of three garden tool sets and will also receive Virgin Pulse points for participating.

Consider using the COVID Coach!

This dynamic, free, easy to use mobile application was developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2020 and is available to everyone to support self-care and overall mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. COVID Coach can support you with information to help you stay balanced, connected, safe, and healthy.

COVID Coach Flyer COVID Coach App


Look for signs of distress with our colleagues and in ourselves. There are a number support resources available, including:

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Virgin Pulse

Get the motivation, tools and know-how to take charge of what makes you happy and well.

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Employee Assistance Program

HealthAdvocate is a 24/7 free and confidential resource program designed to help you manage whatever challenge you're facing.
Health Wellbeing Featured Call Out

Health & Wellbeing Programs

Take advantage of programs offered throughout the year.