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Focus on Well-Being this Fall

Well-being is different for everyone, whether it's becoming more active, focusing on work/life balance, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, practicing meditation or mindfulness, working towards a balanced eating patterns or spending time with family.

As we work towards prioritizing well-being, this can become the first step to living your best life at home and at work. The MaineHealth WOW mission is to support you on your well-being journey by implementing tools and programs designed to meet your needs at different points in your life.

Below is a high level overview of well-being tools, programs and resources available to all MaineHealth care team members.

MaineHealth Well-being Programs

Join a Well-Being Session!

Explore upcoming well-being sessions on managing stress, improving nutrition, getting through the holiday season and more.

Well-being Learning Library

TV IconAccess a variety recorded sessions of topics like: two minute in the moment stress relief, practices to release tension & stress, develop focus & clarity, creating space to recharge and tools for Financial Well-Being. These sessions can be found on the WOW Vimeo site accessible anywhere/anytime:


Engaging in a self-care routine has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression and stress; and increase happiness. It can also help people find meaning in life. For some, self-care is working to identify a support system. Many care team members have found value in Talkspace, a confidential and secure online therapy platform designed to support you at work, and well beyond our walls.

Learn more about Talkspace.

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Virgin Pulse

Get the motivation, tools and know-how to take charge of what makes you happy and well.

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Employee Assistance Program

HealthAdvocate is a 24/7 free and confidential resource program designed to help you manage whatever challenge you're facing.
Health Wellbeing Featured Call Out

Health & Well-Being Programs

Take advantage of programs offered throughout the year.