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Oncology Financial Counselors

Oncology financial counselors are professionals who help patients receiving cancer treatment and their families figure out healthcare costs and find options for payment assistance. They discuss healthcare costs and payment options with patients and their families.

How an Oncology Financial Counselor Can Help

Oncology financial counselors help patients figure out and plan for healthcare costs. These are examples of ways that oncology financial counselors help patients:

  • Explain insurance details and benefits

  • Discuss costs of treatments and procedures

  • Make sure that all paperwork and forms are completed

  • Collect payments

  • Update billing records

  • Help find options for payment assistance

Connect with an Oncology Financial Counselor

Ask your oncology doctor for more information about setting up a meeting with counselor closest to you. For more information, please call MaineHealth Patient Financial Services at 207-396-6842 or visit MaineHealth financial assistance resources.


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