Southern Maine Health Care

Center for Sleep Disorders

When sleep doesn’t come easily, our specialty trained sleep experts use the latest diagnostic technology to find out what is keeping you from getting a good night’s rest.

One in four Americans do not enjoy the benefits of good sleep because they suffer from sleep disorders. Common sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, insomnia or narcolepsy, affect a person's health and quality of life, including job performance and family relationships.

Without a proper night’s sleep, you may experience:

  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • depression
  • reduced attention and concentration
  • increased blood pressure
  • erectile dysfunction
  • lost productivity
  • workplace/motor vehicle accidents

An assessment can be helpful in determining the reason for your sleep disorder and lead to treatment that can improve your sleep.

What resources are available at SMHC's Center for Sleep Disorders?

Our specialty trained physicians and staff of registered respiratory therapists and polysomnographic technologists offer a full spectrum of care from initial evaluation to sleep study review to diagnosis and long-term management. The Center's facilities include private bedrooms for sleep studies, supported by state-of-the art sleep equipment.

Patients undergoing a sleep study will spend a night in the Center for Sleep Disorders, while brain waves, muscle activity, leg and arm movements, heart rhythms, and other body functions are monitored during sleep. With this information Tarek Eid, MD can prescribe a treatment plan that suits the patient's individual needs.

How do I schedule an appointment with the Center for Sleep Disorders?

If you feel that you might benefit from a sleep study, discuss your concerns with your physician.

After a review of your medical history and a physical examination, a sleep study will be scheduled at the Center if it is considered to be beneficial to the management of your sleep disorder.

Will my insurance cover services from the Center for Sleep Disorders?

Services may be covered, in part or entirely, by insurance. SMHC staff can help you determine this.

How do I find the Center for Sleep Disorders?

We are conveniently located on the Livewell Campus at 2 Livewell Drive - South Tower, in Kennebunk (if using a GPS locator use 7 Shape Drive).  Please use the designated parking spaces in front of Quest Fitness.  Enter the building through the South Tower and proceed down the hall to the reception desk on your left. There is an intercom on the wall behind the reception desk. Follow the instructions to alert the sleep technician that you have arrived and they will come out to greet you.

To learn more about the Center for Sleep Disorders, please call us at 207-467-8520.


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