Cancer Care

MATRIx Thoracic Imaging Review Program

Looking for a second opinion on your patient's chest imaging?

Maine Medical Center and Chest Medicine Associates, in collaboration with Spectrum Radiology, offer a program for the evaluation of abnormal chest imaging, known as MATRIx (Multidisciplinary Thoracic Review Program).

MATRIx is designed to allow for the review of abnormal findings on thoracic imaging by a multidisciplinary team of pulmonary medicine, radiology and thoracic surgery experts.

The MATRIx program:

  • Is available to any provider who finds abnormalities on chest imaging studies obtained as part of daily patient care
  • Allows referring providers to participate in the MATRIx review of their patient, if desired
  • Provides rapid evaluation and management recommendations in a multidisciplinary setting
  • Streamlines evaluation and treatment of your patients
    • The management of lung findings can be complex and often requires the collaborative recommendation of multiple specialists. MATRIx is designed to save the patient time, frustration and money by putting the responsibility on the health system to identify the appropriate referral – thus ensuring that the patient’s first specialty referral is the correct (or best) one.
  • Is supported by a nurse navigator to ensure the recommendations are communicated to both the patient and the referring provider
  • Provides the referring provider with the MATRIx recommendations and allows the provider to decide whether to manage the patient themselves or transfer management to a MATRIx navigator

How do I refer a patient?

  • To make a referral to the MATRIx program, use the EPIC referral code: REF50004.
  • If you do not participate in the EPIC system, please call 207-396-7788.

Please notify us if you would like to participate in the review of your patient.