Accountable Care Organization

BP Link

BP Link is a MaineHealth ACO initiative to increase provider-to-provider communications in support of improved hypertension control. The initial stage of BP Link, a pilot project in collaboration with Specialty Solutions practices, began in May, 2018. 

BP Link Pilot Description

Two Specialty Solutions practices, Coastal Woman’s Health Care and Chest Medicine Associates, will alert primary care practices if a shared patient is confirmed to have an elevated blood pressure during an office visit. Primary care practices may receive a notification if a shared patient’s blood pressure falls into the ranges described here:

BP RangeNotification Type
≥ 140/90 to ≤ 180/120Fax or EHR message
≥180/120Phone call


This notification pilot does not intend to dictate or recommend primary care provider action once a notification is received. PCPs are encouraged to use their own clinical judgment to plan a course of action.


BP Link Overview (PPT slides in PDF format)

Info Sheet: High Blood Pressure - What to Look For and How to Respond

Collaborative Care Form (for reference)