Maine Medical Center
group photo of the family medicine residents outside by the ocean, boats are anchored behind them

Fellowships & Areas of Focus

Below outlines areas of focus and fellowships, family medicine residents can pursue. 

Our exceptional sports medicine department has talented providers who bring a variety of experiences to resident education. Our sports medicine clinic also houses two physical therapists and an athletic trainer, who further residents’ skills and knowledge.

Residents spend two weeks each year seeing patients in our busy sports medicine clinic managing a variety of musculoskeletal injurie, with the option to participate in sideline coverage or local athletic events. There are plenty of opportunities to learn procedures such as knee and shoulder injections, splinting, etc.

We offer a PGY-4 Sports Medicine Fellowship. Learn more about the MMC Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Integrative medicine combines conventional allopathic medicine with complementary and alternative medicine treatments and modalities. There is also a large focus on lifestyle changes and patient-centered care.

Since 2003, integrative medicine has been part of our curriculum and is a large part of residents’ training. Our education includes sessions dedicated to principles of integrative medicine (including acupuncture practice), wellness activities (nutrition, exercise, Qi gong, yoga, mindfulness), and exposure to a variety of alternative healers in the community.

For those interested, we have also partnered with Dr. Andrew Weil’s program at the University of Arizona to offer our residents the optional Integrative Medicine in Residency program. This online program consists of modules aimed at educating residents about basic integrative medicine concepts, including nutrition, exercise, botanical medicine, mind/body medicine, over-the-counter supplements, and motivational interviewing and is very well-received by residents who participate.

Learn more about the MMC Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Program.


Care for the elderly is a cornerstone of family medicine, and Maine is a great place to care for geriatric patients as our state has the oldest median population in the country. Over three years, our residents gain geriatrics experience in common geriatric concerns by spending time in a variety of settings including the inpatient geriatric consult service and outpatient geriatric clinic during their geriatric blocks, and nursing homes on a longitudinal basis.

Geriatrics Fellowship Program

MMC also offers a 1-year geriatrics fellowship through the Department of Medicine, open to graduates of family medicine and internal medicine. Fellows have a broad array of experiences that include geriatrics consultation (both inpatient and outpatient), acute rehabilitation, geriatric psychiatry, nursing home, assisted living, primary care, and palliative care. There is also opportunity to pursue scholarly work in research, quality, or teaching.

Learn more about the MMC Geriatrics Fellowship Program.

The Leadership in Preventive Medicine training program focuses on broad-based public health and preventive medicine education.

Learn more about the MMC Preventive Medicine Residency Program. 

Our fourth year chief resident position is a great way to supplement a resident’s education, learn new skills, and positively impact the residency program. While not a true faculty development year, there is a focus on teaching and leadership. The chief serves as a liaison between faculty and residents and has myriad functions including:

  • Helping other residents as needs arise
  • Seeing their own continuity patients in clinic
  • Precepting residents in clinic
  • Being a voice at both faculty and resident meetings
  • Improving leadership and teaching skills through workshops and readings
  • Assisting at workshops geared towards medical students

Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship

We offer an Integrative Medicine Fellowship. For MMC residents pursuing the fellowship this will include a 2-year online curriculum through the University of Arizona and the learner will spend one week in Tucson annually during PGY-2, PGY-3 and PGY-4. The PGY-4 year provides supervised, structured opportunities for the fellow to provide integrative medicine consultation, discuss cases in a multi-disciplinary conference, develop skills in osteopathic manipulative medicine and acupuncture, and continue to provide family medicine care.  Fellows also participate in teaching of medical students and academic projects.

Learn more about the MMC Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Program.