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Additional Services

Contributing to the health and wealth of the community by supporting individuals to overcome barriers and achieve meaningful employment, is why we come to work each day. We do this through providing individualized services and by participating in consultative and advisory activities with state, federal, and local organizations. 

Long-Term Employment Support

After finding employment, individuals may continue to need support to successfully maintain employment. Support provided is based on individual need, and ranges from monthly phone check-ins to talk about work up to full support at the job site from a job coach. We provide these services in Cumberland and York counties through MaineCare funding under Waiver Sections 20, 21, and 29 and through a contract with Maine DHHS Office of Behavioral Health for Mental Health Long Term Employment Support. To inquire about Long-Term Employment Support services, please call us toll-free at 1-888-208-8700 or email  

Employment Network

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MMC Vocational Services has been an Employment Network (EN) as part of Social Security's Ticket to Work Program since 2004.  The Ticket to Work program supports career development for people with disabilities who want to work. Social Security disability beneficiaries age 18 through 64 qualify. The Ticket Program is free and voluntary. The Ticket Program helps people with disabilities progress toward financial independence.

Choosing to work can change your life. The Ticket to Work Program and Work Incentives allow you to keep your benefits while you explore employment, receive vocational support and gain work experience. If you are age 18 through 64 and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) you already qualify! To figure out if Ticket to Work may be right for you, visit To inquire about working with the MMC DVS Employment Network, please call us toll-free at 1-888-208-8700 or email

Summer Teen Employment Program (STEP)

STEP is a multi-week supported work experience with community employers. Young people are placed in a job and receive a competitive hourly wage for their work. Each individual has a job coach that provides individualized support around learning job tasks, communication skills and social skills on the job. Workshops are held weekly to address work-related topics. For more information about STEP, please view our videos on YouTube.

If you are interested in STEP please call 207-662-2088 or email for more information.