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Emotional Support at Home

At MaineHealth Care at Home, we help patients at home who are dealing with an advanced illness or long-term medical condition.

We recognize that coming home from the hospital or learning to live with a long-term illness is more than just a physical adjustment. You or a loved one may feel anxious, upset and sad. Our medical social workers help patients with the feelings and emotions that may occur because of illness, injury or major life changes.

What is counseling and emotional support at home?

Patients may need  counseling and support to improve their emotional well-being and to adjust to the challenges associated with a serious or chronic health condition. Talk to your physician to learn if counseling and emotional support at home is right for you or a loved one.  We also help family members to include parents and siblings adjust to caregiving responsibilities and to unknown consequences of serious illness.  We find that being in the patient's home helps to build trust and provide comfort.  A referral from your provider is needed to receive health care at home.

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For over a century, we have been "at home" caring for our patients in Southern and Mid-Coast Maine. Learn about home health services in your community. Call toll free: 1-800-660-4867.

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