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Apply for Free Care

To apply, download the application for free care then send it in for review.

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MaineHealth Community Resources, powered by Aunt Bertha, is an online directory of free or reduced-cost services like medical care, food, housing and more.

Free Care

Maine Law requires that free care must be provided to Maine residents with income less than 150% of the federal poverty level. MaineHealth provides free care to all patients at 200% of the poverty level. NH residents who receive care at Memorial Hospital and/or other associated MaineHealth physician practices may also qualify for free care. If you have questions about how to quality for and obtain free care, contact a MaineHealth Patient Financial Service Representative today at 207-887-5100 or toll-free at 866-804-2499.

Plain Language Summary

Qualification for free care from MaineHealth is based on family size and gross annual income. Download the Plain Language Summary to see if you qualify.

Financial Assistance Policy

MaineHealth Financial Assistance Policy is comprised of both the free care policy and the billing and collection policy.

It is the policy of MaineHealth (MH) membership to provide financial assistance to patients who qualify through the guidelines established in this document. Under Maine law, no hospital shall deny services to any Maine resident solely because of the inability of the individual to pay for those services. Every hospital is required to adopt and adhere to a free care policy that provides for a determination of inability to pay, defines the service to be provided as free care, and takes into account other sources of payment for care, consistent with the standards established in Chapter 150 of the governing rules of the Maine Department of Health And Human Services, Office of Mainecare Services.

MaineHealth hospitals and physician practices are the frontline caregivers providing medically necessary care for all people regardless of their ability to pay. The hospitals and physician practices assist patients in obtaining financial assistance from Patient Financial Services, public programs or other resources whenever appropriate. MaineHealth recognizes that it must render medical care to patients in a cost effective manner and also follow proper business practices regarding patients who are delinquent in paying their accounts.

MaineHealth organizations provide financial assistance to patients meeting the eligibility criteria outlined in the Financial Assistance Policy.

After the patient’s account(s) is reduced by the financial assistance adjustment based on policy, the patient is responsible for the remainder of his or her outstanding patient account which shall be no more than amounts generally billed (AGB) to individuals who have Medicare fee for service and private health insurers for emergency and other medically necessary care.

MaineHealth has chosen to use The Look Back Method to determine AGB. Patients or members of the public may obtain this summary document at no charge by contacting the Patient Financial Services office at 207-887-5100 or toll free at 866-804-2499.

Please be sure to check with your provider's office to validate their acceptance of our financial assistance determination. Not all providers are employed by MaineHealth or one of its organizations, and may not accept our determination of financial assistance.