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A New Life Prenatal Substance Abuse Treatment

A New Life is Supported In Part by The Thomas D. Shaffner Charitable Foundation

Due to a growing number of prenatal women presenting with Substance Use Disorder we have launched a program to focus on the specific needs of this population. A structured, comprehensive program promotes a coordinated, centralized care approach. By linking the Midwifery/Obstetric care and more involved treatment for Substance Use Disorder we will improve the coordination of care, the patient experience, ongoing maternal success and newborn health. Pregnancy often becomes a time when women struggling with addiction have new motivation to address their problems. Additionally, this population feels significant shame and lack of community. Our program is approaching these gaps by building connections- increased ongoing support from the medical care team as well as enhanced peer support.

Weekly Program

  • Education on various topics related to pregnancy, well-being and infant care
  • Group substance misuse counseling session
  • Social work support services (housing, transportation)
  • Prenatal care visits
  • Physician visit for pharmacologic management of opioid dependence
  • Health care coordination and health care follow up by RN coordinator
  • Complementary therapies to support mental health
  • Referrals to community support services

How do I get started?

  • Contact Women’s Health at 603-356-9355 to speak with the nurse coordinator. The phone call will consist of a few questions in order to set up an intake visit.
  • At the intake visit, you will meet with a nurse to complete a health history and withdrawal assessment.
  • Program guidelines will be reviewed and any questions or concerns may be addressed. A visit with the provider will follow.
  • When all forms and any laboratory testing is complete, you will plan to attend the following program day.