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Scholarly Activity

Residents are required to participate in scholarly activities ranging from quality improvement projects to bench and clinical research. A Research Navigator in our internal medicine and pediatrics departments helps support resident and faculty projects.

Residents have completed scholarly activity leading to presentations at local, regional and national meetings as well as journal publications. Every resident gets one-on-one counseling during their residency to help them develop a research or scholarly activity and plan and then complete their project.

Recent Resident Scholarly Activity

Hidu, E. Tooth Triage: Disparities in Dental Health, Lecture, Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Spring Educational Series, May 2021.

Rizzolo K, Lena S, Jabe M, Schaumburg J, Vakil-Gilani, K, Rebusi, N, Stade D, Nadeau, Toma N, King B, Gordon L. Community as Medicine: Creation of a Trauma-Informed Yoga Program for Female Immigrants in the Primary Care Setting. Journal of Maine Medical Center, 3:1, January 2021.

Morgan, E., Micronutrient Deficiency in IBD; An Underappreciated Complication. Maine ACP Annual Meeting, Portland, ME, October 2020;

Hidu, E. Think Zebras: A 43 yo Woman with Recurrent Pneumonia, Lecture, Maine Chapter of the American College of Physician's Annual Meeting, Portland, ME, September 2020.

Schaumburg J, Armstrong B, Janis J, McAuliffe A, Thakarar K. Trends in Infective Endocarditis: Assessing the impact of an inpatient addiction medicine consult service. Costas T. Lambrew Research Retreat, May 2020.

Rizzolo K, Jaber M, Schaumburg J, Vakil-Gilani, K, Rebusi N. Evaluation of a Resident-Driven Trauma Sensitive Yoga Program for Female Immigrant Primary Care Patients. Costas T. Lambrew Research Retreat, May 2020.

Subba H, McKenna A, Wirth J. Evaluation of Serial Biomarkers in Intermediate Risk Acute Pulmonary Embolism Patients (BioPE): A Pilot Prospective Observational Study, Costas T. Lambrew Research Retreat, May 2020.

Schaumburg J, Member, American Society of Addiction Medicine COVID-19 Task Force, Caring for Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemics: Infection Control and Mitigation Strategies in Residential Treatment Facilities. April 2020.

White WA, King BF. A 66 Year Old Man with Ulcerating Lesions, Pancytopenia and Hyperferritinemia, Society of General Internal Medicine New England Conference, Boston, MA, November 2019.

White WA, Fluke AA. A 13 Month Old with Hepatic Cirrhosis. National Med-Peds Resident Association Annual National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 2019.

Hidu, E. The Hidden Morbidity of TEN: Two Patients with Vulvovaginal Complications, National Med-Peds Resident's Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 2019.

Fai C, Prajapati B. Competing Causes of Drug-Induced Lupus in a Patient with Acne. National Med-Peds Resident Association Annual National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 2019.

Schaumburg J, Powell A. Recognizing Red Flags in a Young Adult with Headaches: A Case for Improving the Transition to Adulthood. National Med-Peds Resident Association Annual National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 2019.

McKenna A, Gregory J, Zubrow M. Mad as a Hatter”: A Case of a Benztropine Overdose, National Med-Peds Resident Association Annual National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 2019.

Prajapati B. A Case of Dual AV Nodal Reetrant Tachycardia, Maine ACP Annual Meeting, Bar Harbor, ME, April 2019.

McKenna A, Motyl C, Heis, J. Six-year-old with Acute Onset Ataxia. Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference, , Orlando, FL, April 2018.

Housed in the Division of Health Services Research of the Department of Medicine, the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) conducts research on local, regional, and national levels. Physician and nurse researchers, epidemiologists, and statisticians focus on small area variation, physician feedback, and chronic disease management. Ongoing project topics include asthma, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diagnostic testing and therapeutics, lead poisoning, pneumonia, tobacco dependence, and use of technology in office practice. CORE researchers collaborate across specialties at MMC and are actively involved in teaching critical appraisal of literature, statistics, and methodology. CORE staff assist residents and fellows with individual scholarly activities.

MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR) specializes in the biomedical application of molecular and cellular analysis. Its mission is to provide the community with state-of-the-art early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and bone and mineral disease as well as conduct hematology and immunology research. MHIR, located five miles away from the hospital campus in Scarborough, houses research and development capabilities in both basic and applied biomedical research

MHIRI activities are divided into five main working areas: platelet biology, molecular genetics, tumor biology, clinical cytometry, and immunogenetics. The Center for Molecular Medicine includes work in molecular and cellular biology, molecular genetics, molecular oncology, and vascular biology. The Biomedical Research Group conducts research in endocrinology, hematology, lipids, Lyme disease, and nephrology. Clinical laboratories include flow cytometry and molecular pathology.