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John's Story

We got him back to his family, and the golf course

John had ongoing lower back pain for years. A bad fall initiated an injury and damaged the disk in his lower back. Not long after having spine fusion surgery, John reconnected with Rajiv Desai, MD at a school alumni event for a school they had both attended.

When he was again at a point where he needed to undergo surgery for spine misalignment after another unfortunate fall, John reached out to Dr. Desai directly. The injury had caused him tremendous pain, numbness and weakness in his spine. It severely limited his mobility and activity level. He was unable to work out, exercise, walk for very long, play tennis or golf, which were some of his favorite activities. He could not even travel long enough to spend time with his kids and grandchild. This had a huge impact on him, as he is very close to his family.

John’s experience from the beginning—in scheduling his pre-operation appointment and surgery, to the friendly and attentive nurses, to the woman from admitting who brought him to the elevator to the waiting room–gave him the confidence and security that he needed to feel comfortable with his spine surgery. He felt that he received comprehensive care from experienced staff who specialized in spine surgery and designed a treatment plan for quick recovery – for the long-term. He has since fully recovered and is now able to spend quality time with his wife, kids and grandchild. And he’s finally back to his favorite sport – golf!

Spine patient John Ernst swings his golf club

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