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Safe Appointments

Keeping you safe is our top priority as we resume time-sensitive care across the MaineHealth system. Learn more about new safety measures designed to protect you at all care locations.

Patients & Visitors

At LincolnHealth, we encourage patients and families to ask questions and to advocate for their care. We are here to help you access the information and resources you need to get the best possible health care. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented the following visitor policy, effective August 12, 2021.

Visitor Policy - Effective 8/12/21

Patients are allowed one visitor per dayVisitors are permitted on LincolnHealth campuses from 8 am to 8 pm provided space is sufficient to achieve compliance with social distancing. 

1. Adult Inpatient Units: Patients are allowed one visitor per day.

2. Inpatient Pediatrics and Obstetrics:
Patients are allowed two visitors at a time.

3. End-of-life in Any Inpatient Area:
Visitation for end-of-life situations will be managed by the care team.

4. Day Surgery/Outpatient Procedural Areas:
Adult patients should arrange for drop off and pick up unless they need special assistance. Pediatric patients may be accompanied by two parents/guardians.

  • It is requested that alternative care plans be made for those scheduled for outpatient services with dependents. When alternative care options are not available and a patient arrives with a dependent the decision to proceed with that service will be made by department leadership based upon the acuity of the service and the ability to maintain appropriate precautions.

5. Lincoln Medical Partners Practices: One person allowed. Escorts will be encouraged to drop-off patients when possible.

6. Emergency Department:

  • Pediatrics – Two parents may remain with child during ED visit.
  • Adult – A single visitor will be permitted when the provided space is sufficient to achieve compliance with social distancing. Exceptions may be made for care plan discussions as arranged with the care team or for end-of-life.
  • Under circumstances felt appropriate by the provider and charge nurse that a visitor or additional visitor is ideal without significantly increasing risk of exposure to patients and staff this may be allowed for a limited period of time.
  • Visitors of patients with confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses (or patients under investigation for COVID-19 infection) will be required to wear a gown, gloves and a mask. 

7. Cafeteria: Is not open to the public at this time.

All visitors/escorts are subject to attesting they have screened for Covid-19 symptoms. All visitors are expected to wear a mask at all times.
Visitors/escorts with respiratory symptoms will NOT be allowed to enter the LincolnHealth facilities.

Visitor/Escort must:

  • Perform hand hygiene prior to entering and upon leaving the patient’s room/care area.
  • Remain at least six feet from the patient at all times (as much as possible).
  • All visitors are required to check in and out with department staff.

These restrictions are for the protection of patients, employees, visitors, and the public. They are consistent with guidance from governmental authorities, and are adopted for the purpose of reducing the potential for propagation of the COVID-19 virus. These restrictions are imposed by order of the Hospital President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer.

Planning a hospital stay?

The easy-to-follow Patient Handbook for LincolnHealth provides the information every patient needs to know.