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Thank you for your support  

For over sixty years, Stephens Memorial Hospital and residents of the Oxford Hills community have championed the need for quality, full-service local health care. From its humble beginnings in a Main Street home in Norway to our current expansion and renovation project, Stephens Memorial Hospital has been able to provide exceptional medical care because of the commitment of our physicians and staff and the generosity of our supporters.

Today, healthcare organizations are finding themselves in an environment of increasing constraints and financial pressures. Left unaddressed, these factors would limit the ability to provide the highest quality medical care to meet present and future community needs. Charitable giving is a very important means of supporting hospital-based and system-wide operations, programs and collaborations.

Each year, Stephens Memorial Hospital and Western Maine Health continue to incur climbing costs to:

  • Recruit and retain the best physicians and medical personnel
  • Offer state-of-the-art medical technology for diagnoses and treatment
  • Provide the most complete range of medications and pharmaceuticals 

Western Maine Health and Stephens Memorial Hospital have made a commitment to this community to provide medical care to all who seek it, regardless of ability to pay. Combine these escalating costs with an increase in the number of our patients without insurance and reduced Medicare reimbursements, and the need for additional charitable support continues to grow.

For more information about making a gift, please contact Abbie Graiver, Director of Development at 207-744-6049.

Thank You for Your Support

Our donors play an important role in our success. On behalf of our patients, their families and all who look to Stephens Memorial Hospital for their healthcare needs, thank you for your consideration.