Western Maine Health

Continuing a Legacy of Giving

Bob Bahre

Bob Bahre, an icon and beloved member of the Oxford Hills community, passed away in July 2020. His generosity was legendary and extensive within the greater Oxford Hills community, State of Maine, and beyond. Although his support was often quiet and anonymous, the impact of his generosity was profound. Bahre recognized the importance of an outstanding local healthcare system in Western Maine, and Stephens was among his philanthropic priorities over the years.

In September, Stephens Memorial Hospital was contacted by an anonymous donor, who recognized the impact of Bahre’s support and wanted to lead by Bahre’s example. The generous donor offered to match donations up to $500,000 given in honor of Bahre before the end of 2020. This challenge provided us with the opportunity to reach out to the community and continue Bob’s legacy of caring for the people of western Maine. Along the way we met new donors, renewed inactive donors and received unwavering support from existing donors, all sharing their stories of how Bob touched their lives. This initiative was a testament of how Bob’s impact continues to live on and make a difference in the community he loved.

These gifts made in memory of Bob ensure that Stephens can continue to provide top quality, progressive health care for people living in the Oxford Hills community. Funds from this initiative were dedicated to advancing imaging services offered at Stephens, including:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner - This new digital technology will provide quicker scans with superior quality: Today a brain scan requires up to 30 minutes of patient’s time; the new scanner will generate a better quality image in a fraction of the time.
  • Breast Tomosynthesis Scanner - This new digital technology will improve the ability to diagnose breast cancer, even in people who have no signs or symptoms. This technology produces a 3D mammogram by combining multiple breast X-rays to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast.

Thank you to all the donors whose commitment and support made this achievement possible, and a special thank you to the committee members who are responsible for the success of this challenge: Wendy Penley, Kevin Carleton, Holly Bancroft-Brown, Susan Doliner, Dr. Gregory Hardy, Andrea Patstone, and Abbie Graiver.

Below is a summary of the results we achieved. 

Leadership Gifts and Pledges

Norway Savings Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Penley
The Sutton Family
Schiavi Family Foundation
One Pie Canning, CO.
Paris Farmers Union
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Carleton
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Patstone
Mr. & Mrs. Cushman Andrews
Benner Family Charitable Fund
Town & Country Mobile Home
Mr. Harry Yeaggy


Memorial Gifts

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Austin
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Frost
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Medd
Mrs. Jan Stowell
Mr. & Mrs. William White
Ms. Holly Bancroft-Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Charlton
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Barber
Mr. & Mrs. H. Arthur Brummer
Cross Financial Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Cushman
Mr. Edward Dilworth
Dr. & Mrs. Todd Gauger
Mr. & Mrs. Garth Grover
Hahnel Bros. Co.
Mr. & Mrs. David Ott
Oxford County Agricultural Society
Mr. & Mrs. John Schiavi
Mr. Jeffrey Sprague
Ms. Karen Whitford
WMH Senior Leadership Team
Dr. Jim Gallea and Dr. Claire Danby
Mr. Arthur Aleshire
Ms. Patricia Annino
Ms. Brenda Birney & Mr. Bob Houtori
Mr. James Bolderbook
Mr. & Mrs. James France
Ms. Marcia Hindle
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Mulkern
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Nolan
Norway Savings Bank
Ms. Joan Smith
Mr. Jack Sours
Mrs. Judith Gideonse
Hannaford Brothers
Mr. & Mrs. Gardner Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Prescott
Mr. Tony Rice
Mr. & Mrs. William Ryan
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Anson
Mr. Luc Desbiens
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGahan
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Naughton
Richard D. Bartlett & Associates, LLC
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Story
Mrs. Carol Mitchell
Mr. Bobby Allison
Ms. Joline Andrews
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Autry
Ms. Nancy Bell
Mr. Robert Bizier
Mr. & Mrs. Weston Bonney
Mr. John Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Brown
Mrs. Mary Ann Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Chase
Mr. & Mrs. James Delamater
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Lanoue
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Laverdiere
Mr. & Mrs. A. Kenneth Loper
Magee Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Major
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martin
Ms. Geraldine McMullin
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Millett
Mrs. Winnifred Mott
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moorehead
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Rogers
Steve’s General Store
Ms. Donita St. John
Thayer Corporation
Mr. Hall Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. John Veasey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whitehead
Mr. William Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey LaMontagne
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Morin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Elitzer
Ms. Sandra Aldrich
Mrs. Susan Batchelder
Ms. Ann Caffey
Rev. Albert Colpitts
Ms. Joanna Dow
Mrs. Mary Elder
Ms. Valerie Foresta
Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Presby
Riverside Kwik Stop
Mr. Wayne Whittemore
Ms. Gail Preble
Ms. Doris Cowles
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Strom
Mrs. Patricia Soule