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2022 PACE Community Campaign

Woman paramedic standing in front of an open ambulance. There is another paramedic with a patient on a stretcher inside.

2022 PACE COMMUNITY Campaign

Thank you for investing in the health of our community!

In 2021, Stephens Memorial Hospital underwent a rigorous facilities planning process to assess our aging infrastructure and identify building and service needs. As part of that process, the PACE ambulance station was identified as a priority, requiring significant updates and renovations. To help fund these renovations, Stephens Memorial Hospital launched the 2022 PACE Community Campaign to address the needs of our PACE paramedics and EMTs as they care for our community.

The renovated ambulance station will provide sufficient space and modern equipment to ensure crews deliver the best care possible. Improved storage will preserve gear and make it more accessible when seconds are a matter of life and death. In addition, updated living quarters will support our diverse crew members who spend hours living away from home as they work to keep this community safe. This renovation will also provide expanded meeting and training space – not only for our first responders but also for community education. These updates are essential and will strengthen the infrastructure of Oxford County’s only paramedic-licensed first responder service.

Thank you to all whose commitment and support made this achievement possible.

Thank you to all who believe in the mission, vision and purpose of Stephens Memorial Hospital and who invested in improving the health of our community. With your support, the 2022 PACE Community Campaign raised $2,220,615.29.

A special thank you to the committee members who are responsible for the success of this project: Angela Bancroft, Krista Bureau, Dick Beauchesne, Kevin Carleton, Elise Christie, Celia Dieterich, Jennifer Fogg, Abbie Graiver, Robert Hand, Mari Grover, Gail McBride, Andrea Patstone with support from Dana Bullen and Darcy Lambert.

Visionary Donors ($100,000 and above)


Leadership Donors ($50,000 – $99,999)

Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James C. McBride
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Medd

Champion Donors ($25,000 - $49,999)

Anonymous IMO Suzanne Grover and Masatoshi Fukuda

Innovator Donors ($10,000 - $24,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Patstone
Perley and Mary Ripley Trust
Sunday River Real Estate

Collaborator Donors ($1,000 - $9,999)

Dr. Jeannette and Mr. John Andrews
Anonymous IMO Harvey E. Vansciver
Bancroft Contracting Corporation
Ellen and Gene Benner
Ms. Holly Bancroft Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Bullen, II
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Carleton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Charlton
Crossway Family Dental
Mrs. Joan W. Cummings
Dr. Heidi and Rev. Scott DeBlock
Mr. and Mrs. David Dow
Ms. Kelly Elkins
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Emery
Chuck and Joan Frost
Drs. James Gallea and Claire Danby
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Gray, Jr.
Bob and Sandy Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Jodrey
Ms. Leslie Jones and Mr. Ian Kirschemann
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kendall IHO Dr. David Kumaki
Francis X. Kieliszek, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Knapp
R. Elizabeth Baird and David J. Kumaki, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McGowan
Bob and Joan Moorehead
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morin
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Mueller
Mr. Brian Partridge and Mr. Brooks Lynch
Mrs. Joyce Phinney IMO Rawn Phinney
Mrs. Lois Strauss
Sunday River Skiway
Mr. and Mrs. David Sutton
Mrs. Kimberly Verville
Dr. and Mrs. Reynold Villedrouin IMO Dr. Donald Ware
Mr. Greg Young

Supporter Donors (up to $999)

Robert Adams
Judy Allen
Ms. Barbara A. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Cushman L. Andrews
Ms. Mary U. Andrews
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Bachand
Ms. Carol A. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Bancroft
Mrs. Judy J. Barker
Mrs. Joan Beal
Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Bean
Mr. Dean A. Beaudin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Bickford
Mr. Michael Binette
Mr. Robert A. Bizier
Ms. Jennifer Blastow
Mrs. Lisa Letourneau-Bonn
Scott and Amy Bottomley
Cari J. Medd and Brewster Burns
Mrs. Reta L. Briggs
Ms. Jessica Britton
Mr. & Mrs. Levi W. Brown
Mr. Wes Brown
Mrs. Mary Ann Brown
Mrs. Barbara E. Buckley IMO Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara A. Buerkle IMO Neil P. Buerkle
Mr. Frank B. Burgess Sr. IMO Gloria Burgess
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burns
Dr. Margaret Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cannan
Ms. Madeleine C. Chaplin
Mr. Jeffrey E. Chase
Ms. Elise Christie
Mr. Norman G. Clanton IMO Sylvia D. Clanton
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cleveland
Ms. Laura A. Cleveland
Mrs. Hazel R. Cole
Mr. Conrad B. Conant
Mr. John W. Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Craib
Crystal Spring Farm IMO Beverly Smedberg
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Van Curan
Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Damon
David & Gail Danforth
Mrs. Thelma A. Denlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. DiFilippo
Mrs. Lisa A. Donohue IMO Brenda Somers
Ms. Geraldine L. Dudley IMO Dora Gammon
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Dunham
Mr. & Mrs. Roland T. Dunham
Ms. Eileen M. Dunham
Mrs. Martha P. Eaton IHO Dr. Peter Harbage
Mr. John P. Ellis
Dr. Jordan Faloon
Dr. Samuel J. Ferguson
Ms. Jennifer Fogg
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Foster
Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Frost
Tammy Frost
Ms. Cheryl L. Fulcher
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie H. Gammon
Gammon's Garden Center
Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Geddry Jr.
Ms. Judith T. Gideonse
Mr. & Mrs. Dean H. Glazier
Mrs. Susan H. Glines
Ms. Cathy J. Godwin
Mr. Stuart Goodwin
Ms. Abigail Graiver
Dr. & Mrs. R. Reed Gramse
Ms. Judy E. Green
Dr. & Mrs. David T. Greenleaf
Ms. Clara B. Hamlin IMO Cynthia Hamlin
Mrs. Nancy Hanger
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Hardy
Mr. Peter Hirsch
Ms. Karen T. Hodsdon IMO My Mom, Marion Thurston
Mr. & Mrs. Parks B. Holcomb
Mr. & Mrs. Arlin J. Holt
Ms. Patricia M. Howe
Dr. & Mrs. Aaron J. Im
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ingram
Mr. Robert B. Ivey Jr.
Mrs. Georgette L. Jewell
Mr. Michael A. Jodrey IMO Celina A. Jodrey
Ms. Pamela L. Johns and Mr. Daniel Whitney
Ms. Debra J. Johnson
Ms. Donna A. Johnson
Ms. Cheryl L. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold E. Jordan
Dr. Emily Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne K. Kennagh
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Kent
Dr. & Mrs. Matthew S. Kerr
Ms. Sylvia Michaud-Kessell
Ms. Martha A. Kinsel
Mr. Anthony F. Kleitz
Mr. Dominik Klinger
Mr. & Mrs. Danny L. Komulainen
Mrs. Eleanor A. Kubeck
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Kugell
Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. LaBossiere
Ms. Ethel H. Lacourse
Mrs. Brenda LaCroix
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey LaMontagne
Mrs. Muriel Lang IMO Walter Lang
Mr. & Dr. Mike A. LaRosa M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard M. LeBlanc
Ms. Denise E. Lebroke
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Leidel
Mrs. Beverly Leyden
Mr. Carl E. Libby
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Linley
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Little
Mrs. Mary Llewellyn
Dr. Stephenie Long
Mrs. Arlene S. MacKillop
Ms. Aloyoise A. MacNaught
Mr. & Mrs. Jim D. Mann IMO Ross and Catherine Downing
Irene Marston
Mr. James W. Martin
Mrs. Frances C. Martin
Rev. & Mrs. Donald H. Mayberry
Mr. & Mrs. Richard McNeill
Mr. & Mrs. Richard I. Melvoin
Mert and Debbie Gould
Dr. Lisa and Mr. Chris W. Miller
Mr. Robert Miller
Mr. H. Sawin Millett Jr.
Mr. Gary W. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Earl M. Morse
Mr. David L. Morton
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Morton
Mrs. Winifred I. Mott IMO Dr. Donald Ware
Ms. Julie Mowatt
Ms. Colette Newell
Ms. Alison Newton
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Nolan
Mr. James V. O'Brien and Ms. Pat Dugan
Ms. Chelsea D. Ouellette
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Owen
Mrs. Kathryn H. Pacholski
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy H. Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Parsons IHO Jennie Herrick, CNA
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Parsons IMO Donald and Marion Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Patrie
Ms. Melynda Pereira
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Petit IHO Gail McBride
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Phinney
Ms. Joan Poland
Ms. Eleanor H. Polland
Linda Porter
Ms. Sharie L. Quinn IMO Edward M. Quinn
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Ratner
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Paul James Rector
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Rice
Rice Tree Service
Ms. Judith H. Richardson IMO Bobby Richardson and Joseph Parise
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Riggott Jr.
Mr. Gary S. Robbins
Mr. William Robichaud
Dr. Kathleen C. Root
Mr. Robert H. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Rothenberg
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ryan
Mrs. Marilyn G. Sahlberg
Rev. & Mrs. Robert C. Sallies
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Sanborn
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Sandstrom IHO Physical Rehab Department
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Santos
Mr. Joshua L. Saunders
Mr. Hans Peter Schaefer
Ms. Sheila P. Seamans
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Foster M. Shibles
Mr. Daniel F. Simpson
Ms. Norma V. Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Smith IMO Joe and Patty Cushman and Tom Cushman
Mrs. Mary F. Smith
Ms. Sally L. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Stockwell
Ms. Judith T. Stone IMO Elwood "Stub" Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Stone
Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Story Jr. IMO Ken Hamilton
Dr. Jennifer Sunday DO
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Swan
Karen Thurston
Mr. & Mrs. John Toussaint
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Tracy
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Traficonte
Dr. Danielle Tran
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Treadwell
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Turner
Ms. Curena Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Veazey
Mr. Donald Walkwitz
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Ben W. Weigel
Dr. & Mrs. Berwyn D. Wetter
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Wilson
Dr. Deborah Witham IMO Bruce Witham
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Withey
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly T. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. James Yarasitis
Mr. David Yarin
Mrs. Joan E. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Zilinsk

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