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Knee Replacement Patient

Joint Surgery Patient Scott Adams standing in the woods

Scott's Joint Replacement Journey

When joint pain starts to limit your life ...

Southern Maine Health Care (SMHC) Orthopedics Scott Adams of Winthrop, Maine loves taking long walks, but his knees were getting in the way. Scott was not able to make it to the mailbox and back without pain. At the grocery store, he had to lean on a shopping cart, to get through his errand.

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Scott had already had one knee replacement procedure when we met him. And, after discussing his symptoms with Dr. Jeff Bush, he decided to have his second knee treated at SMHC Orthopedics in Biddeford. First, a non-surgical treatment plan was recommended. But after two knee injections did not resolve his pain, he and Dr. Bush decided that it was time for a second knee replacement procedure.

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"Dr. Bush was a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for the care I received at SMHC Orthopedics," said Adams. "I am now able to bend and walk pain free."

Stepping into a New Chapter

SMHC Orthopedics patient Scott Adams was unable to walk to his mailbox without knee pain. After joint replacement surgery, he is back to enjoying normal activities, pain free.

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