Maine Medical Center Philanthropy
Soki Manuel and Amia Gordon hug in the garden at Youth and Family Outreach in Portland

Fostering Community Health

Focusing on the health of our communities isn’t just a good thing to do; it’s the right thing to do. Health and well-being extends far beyond the medical center, and is strongly determined by the communities and places where we live, work, and play. Maine Medical Center is committed to reaching out into our communities to improve access to healthcare and to decrease health disparities.

To learn more about these and other ways to partner with MaineHealth Maine Medical Center (MHMMC)to improve the health of our communities, please contact Aislinn White at

MHMMC- Preble Street Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative was established by MHMMC, Preble Street, and additional community partners in January 2017 to bridge identified gaps in health care services for people who are experiencing homelessness in Portland. The Learning Collaborative’s mission is to improve access to care, and educate the next generation of health care providers on the needs of vulnerable populations. 

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

A public health crisis of this magnitude requires a concerted effort to help pregnant women, uninsured people, and others who are suffering from opioid use disorder. MaineHealth is committed to a multi-pronged approach centering on integrated treatment, provider education and shared resources so that fewer families suffer the devastating pain of losing a loved one to this epidemic.

Let’s Go! Childhood Obesity Program

To bring evidence-based strategies for healthy living into early care and education programs, schools, out-of-school programs and health care practices, Let's Go's community engagement initiative is working with communities to create environments that support healthy choices throughout Maine and Carroll County, New Hampshire.

Planned Giving at MHMMC

Through planned giving, you can maximize your philanthropic impact while reducing your tax burden, generating income for retirement, and providing for your loved ones after you’re gone.

Special Projects and Funds for Fostering Community Health

Donors who wish to designate gifts toward a special project or fund have a variety of options. We have included a sampling of opportunities below for you.

Let's Go! supports initiatives that promote policy, systems, and environmental changes that facilitate healthy eating and active living (HEAL). To donate now, visit our Special Projects giving page and choose the Let's Go fund from the drop down.

MHMMC-Preble Street Learning Collaborative was established by MHMMC, Preble Street, and additional community partners in January 2017 to bridge identified gaps in health care services for people who are experiencing homelessness in Portland. Funds are used in graduate medical education planning and operation of this health clinic for vulnerable populations. To donate now, visit the MHMMC-Preble Street Learning Collaborative online giving page.

Maine Lung Cancer Coalition Fund supports Maine Lung Cancer Coalition’s efforts to build an infrastructure of education, prevention and early detection to effectively address the problem of lung cancer and save lives. To donate now, visit the Maine Lung Cancer Coalition online giving page.

Opioid Use Disorder Support Fund helps provide general support services and medical treatment options for those who struggle with opioid use disorder, particularly the underserved. To donate now, visit the Opioid Use Disorder Support online giving page.

UPHill Journeys is a program started by patients and caregivers to support and sustain the local pulmonary arterial hypertension community on the journey toward finding a cure. To donate now, visit our UPHill Journeys online giving page.


For more information, please contact Aislinn White who can work closely with you to ensure your philanthropic intentions are achieved.