Maine Medical Center
A helicopter lands on top of Maine Medical Center

Sisters Heliport

The Sisters Heliport offers absolutely vital access to Maine Medical Center’s world-class specialists and trauma surgeons, providing the means to get critically injured or ill patients into the hospital quickly, safely and efficiently.

The Heliport, which went online in December, 2019, replacing an older facility, has two helipads and is primarily used by LifeFlight of Maine, the medical evacuation (medevac) provider that serves the state. Other services that occasionally access the Sisters Heliport include Boston MedFlight, Dartmouth Hitchcock DHART, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Maine Army National Guard.

The Heliport helps shave critical time from the transport of patients to MMC’s Emergency Department (ED), which is Maine's only American College of Surgeons Level One verified trauma center. The MMC ED is also home to Maine's only Pediatric Emergency Department, which is part of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to meet the needs of a high-volume patient population from Maine and New Hampshire, as well as visitors from all over the world.

The Heliport also allows transport of seriously ill patients who must be moved quickly to Maine Medical Center for a higher level of care. Very rarely, a helicopter will transport a specialist physician from MMC to a distant, outlying hospital for an emergent complex patient who cannot be transported for a variety of reasons.

LifeFlight of Maine

Most people who need emergency medical care can be transported by ambulance. The sickest patients, however, need the critical care and speed that LifeFlight of Maine provides. Learn more about people who's lives have been saved by LifeFlight of Maine.

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To report complaints about MMC’s Helipad, call the MMC Helipad Complaint Hotline at 207-662-4880 or complete the form below.