Maine Medical Center

Professional Nursing Specialty Certification

MaineHealth Maine Medical Center (MHMMC) Portland is committed to supporting our nurses in their pursuit of professional certifications in their clinical specialty. We award a cash bonus for any first time certification in any MHMMC Portland-approved professional specialty certification. Traditionally, individuals are responsible for the cost of application for the examination and once certification is achieved, the certification bonus is paid. Recertification costs are covered by tuition reimbursement. 

To defray RN upfront application costs, CCPD has partnered with select nursing certification programs which, offer promotional incentives to organizations which are: no pre-testing payment, facilitate ease of scheduling examinations, and, upon failure, the opportunity for a retake of the exam within a 90 day period without additional fees. Upon successful achievement, MHMMC Portland pays RNs the certification bonus less the cost of the exam. The following contracts are managed by CCPD:

  • AMSN’s FAIL SAFE Program
  • Pediatric Nursing Certification Board and the “NO PASS NO PAY” Program
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) “Success Pays”

As added support, CCPD may offer certification preparation programs with national faculty for continuing education credit depending on projected numbers of staff planning to sit for those specialty exams.