Maine Medical Center

Continuing Education

As an ANCC Accredited Provider of continuing nursing education, MaineHealth Maine Medical Center (MHMMC) Portland is dedicated to the provision of continuing education designed to address professional practice gaps and associated learning needs and to build upon the knowledge and professional progression of nurses and other members of the health care team. In support of our organizational mission and goals, we partner with administrative leadership, professional nursing colleagues and other disciplines to promote best practices, quality care and outcomes, and professional advancement through well-grounded and credible educational activities.

We promote both individual and collective professional development of nurses through educational guidance, coaching, and promotion of study through a variety of centralized and decentralized educational strategies. The educational activities developed have modeled cooperation and partnerships with other departments, disciplines, and organizations and serve to promote the development and advancement of professional nursing and other professionals. 

Through creative educational methodologies, we take into account the diversity of potential learners, the dynamics of the health care environment, and the ever-changing needs of patients and families. Approaches range from live clinical setting specific activities to self-study modules, repeating educational series within practice specialties or in support of role based development, and full day conferences with local and national experts as faculty associated with the educational priority.

Evaluation of the quality and outcomes of activities are a key component of the educational process in order to determine impact and provide direction for future initiatives.

Average annual hours of live education alone have reached over 2,600 learners. With our recent Joint Accredited Provider designation we look forward to expanding our capacity for education within all disciplines and specialties.