Maine Medical Center
a group of residents wearing masks discussing care in a hospital hallway

Leadership & Faculty

Surgical Leadership & Faculty

Forest R Sheppard
Forest Sheppard, MD
Surgical Critical Care Director and Fellowship Program Director
Laura T Withers
Laura Withers, MD
Core Faculty
Bryan C Morse
Bryan Morse, MD
Core Faculty
Damien W Carter
Damien Carter, MD
David L Ciraulo
David Ciraulo, MD
Daniel C Cullinane
Daniel Cullinane, MD
Tovah Z Moss
Tovah Moss, MD
Eric M Shurtleff
Eric Shurtleff, MD
Elizabeth N Turner
Elizabeth Turner, MD

Additional Critical Care Faculty

David Seder, MD
Chief of Critical Care Services

Patrick Mailloux, DO
Director of Medical Critical Care & Program Director

Teresa May, DO
Director of Neurocritical Care

Ramiro Saavedra, MD
Director of Cardiovascular Critical Care

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Forest Sheppard, MD
Program Director

Sonia Chop
Program Manager