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Woodbury Building on Southern Maine Health Care Campus Planned for Demolition

Elements from the building’s history will be preserved to honor the legacy of Dorothy ‘Dot’ Woodbury.

Stephens Memorial Hospital Welcomes Dr Kim Perreault as New Chief Medical Officer

Stephens Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Kim Perreault as the new Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Perreault takes over for Dr. Ryan Knapp who was recently promoted to the Vice President of Physician and Ambulatory Services for Stephens and MaineHealth Medical Group, Mountain Region.

SMHC Opens New Location for Complex Wound Care in Sanford

Southern Maine Health Care Wound Care in Sanford is now equipped to handle complex wounds through the advanced technology of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Local Artist Supports SMH Food Pantry

South Paris community member and folk artist, Linda Richardson, recently presented Stephens Memorial Hospital Food Pantry with a gift of $1,200 to benefit the MaineHealth Food Pantry at Stephens Memorial Hospital.