Maine Medical Center
Portland, Maine

Why Portland? Why Maine?

Maine is well-known for the beauty of its scenery and easy access to every type of recreational activity (skiing, sailing, hiking, etc.) Portland, our largest city, also combines the benefits of city life (especially with an amazing restaurant scene) with easy access to the outdoors. However, for those interested in Geriatric Medicine, Maine also has one of the oldest populations in the country. In 2019, the US Census estimated that 21% of Maine residents were 65 years old or older (which ties with Florida!) This has created a robust interprofessional community of Geriatric Medicine providers with resources that fellows can benefit from. The MMC Geriatric Fellowship also has a dedicated Rural Geriatric Medicine rotation that allows fellows to explore the state further.

Learn More About Life In Portland

Called the “Jewel by the Sea” by its celebrated native, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Portland combines vibrant city life with natural beauty and abundant recreation opportunities.