Maine Medical Center

Obstetric Emergency Care

Expert care for patients with acute pregnancy-related conditions

As the only level four (IV) maternal center in the state, MaineHealth Maine Medical Center Portland (MHMMCP) has long provided the most advanced and comprehensive obstetrical services in our region. Our obstetric emergency department (OB ED) is fully-equipped to provide expert care for pregnant patients (over 13 weeks of gestation) with urgent obstetrical concerns, as well as delivery-related health issues for postpartum patients.

The OB ED is open 24/7/365 with a care team that includes board-certified obstetricians, certified nurse midwives, resident physicians and labor and delivery nurses. Patients will also have access to the full-scope of MHMMCP specialty consultations and services, if needed.

Conditions commonly treated in an OB ED include:

Financial assistance

MaineHealth is committed to making care affordable and working with patients and families to maximize health outcomes. Insurance carriers will process unscheduled visits to the OB ED as an emergency room visit subject to co-pays, co-insurance or other applicable fees under a patient’s individual insurance policy. Patients who require financial assistance for OB ED care can contact our financial services team at 1-866-804-2499 (toll-free).

Obstetric Emergency Care Locations

  • Prenatal Care Practice: The first place to call if you have questions about new or concerning pregnancy symptoms.
  • OB ED: Fast care for urgent pregnancy-related health conditions. Call your prenatal provider’s office on the way to the OB ED.
  • Emergency Department: Fast care for life-threatening conditions, including a heart attack, blood clot, severe car accident or stroke.