Maine Medical Center
Person lifting up a baby's hand

Neonatal Intensive Care

When a baby is born prematurely or with a serious health condition that requires intensive care, our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is located within the MaineHealth Maine Medical Center Portland Family Birth Center. This allows for immediate, on-site care of babies by an extensive team of specially-trained doctors and staff. 

The largest and most comprehensive program of its kind in Maine and New Hampshire, our 51-bed unit cares for more than 900 newborns a year. Expert neonatologists (specially-trained physicians who care for newborns) provide 24-hour, in-house coverage along with dedicated pediatricians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, surgeons and respiratory therapists.

On-site Newborn Care in Private Rooms

The NICU is part of MaineHealth Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital where we specialize in the care of all newborns. Some just need a little extra help with mastering new skills such as breastfeeding while others require 24/7 intensive care for serious medical conditions.

Each newborn is protected by a private room which allows for recovery and family bonding in a peaceful, soothing environment. Most important, an experienced team of board-certified specialists are always standing by if needed, including:

  • Maine’s only pediatric cardiovascular surgeon and pediatric neurosurgeon
  • Pediatric cardiologists
  • Pediatric neurologists
  • Genetic specialists
  • Pediatric surgeons
  • Pediatric pulmonologists 

This unique team of specially-trained staff is also involved in research that helps provide the newest treatments for your baby.

Dedicated Support for NICU Parents

Ours is the only NICU in the state that has the support of the March of Dimes Family Support Program. This means that a dedicated staff person focuses exclusively on parents and their needs as they go through what can be a scary and difficult time. You can connect with other NICU parents through the March of Dimes website.

Research & Clinical Trials

MaineHealth supports research and clinical trials throughout its health care system. MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR) conducts cutting edge biomedical research that provides the most advanced treatment options for MaineHealth patients.

Congenital Medicine and Surgery

MaineHealth is dedicated to ensuring that children and adults with congenital heart problems receive the highest quality care from experienced heart specialists. We diagnose and treat congenital heart disease and related complex medical issues and also perform heart surgery to repair congenital heart defects.