Mother by daughter tucked in bed

Pediatric Anesthesiology

What is pediatric anesthesiology?

Pediatric anesthesiologists have the training, skills and expertise to give anesthesia to children and infants. MaineHealth pediatric anesthesiologists are fellowship-trained, board-certified physicians with specialized knowledge of the type and dosage of medication that is appropriate for children of all ages. 

When would my child need anesthesia?

Your child might need a pediatric anesthesiologist for a variety of different surgeries or procedures. Talk to your child’s doctor when planning any procedure and ask if a pediatric anesthesiologist will be part of your child’s care team. Pediatric anesthesiologists perform the following services:

  • Preoperative screening

  • Anesthesia management for inpatient and outpatient procedures

  • Sedation for brief diagnostic procedures

  • Neonatal and pediatric intensive care services

  • Pain management

Why MaineHealth? 

Children's bodies – including their cardiac and respiratory systems as well as their brains – are still developing. Pediatric anesthesiologists must have detailed knowledge of illnesses and medical conditions that can affect children, and be experts in selecting the most appropriate type and dosage of medication for each patient. They must also understand how to deal with children’s fears and anxiety in a compassionate, age-appropriate manner.

The Maine Medical Center pediatric anesthesiology team is the largest of its kind in Maine, offering an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience in specialized anesthesia services for infants and children. We pride ourselves on offering a thoughtful child- and family-friendly environment.

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH) at Maine Medical Center is large enough to provide all the advanced specialty services and state-of-the-art technology your child may need. Yet we remain small enough to deliver intensely personalized care that’s responsive to each child’s – and family’s – unique needs. In fact, we consider parents and family members to be integral members of each child’s care team. Because that’s the way pediatric healthcare should be.

Preparing Your Child for Anesthesia

If your child needs to have an operation, you probably have questions about anesthesia. The concept of your child being unconscious or losing sensation in the body can be unnerving. But anesthesia today is very safe. The more educated, calm, and reassuring you are about the surgery and the anesthesia, the easier the experience is likely to be for both you and your child.