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Miracle Family Program

What is a Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Miracle Family?

A Miracle Family is a family that has benefited from the services at the children’s hospital, and is willing to speak about their experience(s) at a variety of different children’s hospital events. A Miracle Family’s primary function is to create awareness and help raise funds for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital through a variety of different outlets.

By sharing your experience, you’re providing a first-hand account of the impact that our state-of-the-art children’s hospital has on the community. Your story will inspire members of our community to support the children’s hospital! The more support BBCH receives from the community, the more resources we can devote to advancing the care that is provided by The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

What are the responsibilities of a Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Miracle Family?

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital holds many fundraising events and works with numerous sponsors throughout the year. As a representative of the children’s hospital, Miracle Families participate in one or more of the following:

  • The Cares for Kids Radiothon and Telethon
  • Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day
  • Children’s Hospital Sponsor Visits
  • The BBCH Open
  • Represent BBCH at a variety of community events

Miracle Family Criteria

To become a Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Miracle Family we ask that you fit the following criteria:

  • Have had a recent experience with The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (including Mother & Baby, NICU, PICU and the BBCH in-patient unit)
  • Are willing to share your story on behalf of the children’s hospital at a variety of different events, including media events.
  • Be willing to allow us to use your story in a variety of ways including social media, web and print.

Benefits of Becoming a Miracle Family

  • Teach your child(ren) the importance of supporting their community and giving back.
  • Give back to an organization that has supported your family.

Interested in becoming our next Miracle Family?

Email for more information and download a Miracle Family form today!