The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

Pediatric Medical Complexity

Special Care for Children with Complex Medical Conditions

Children living with complex medical conditions, and the families who care for them, face enormous medical, social and financial challenges. These fragile patients are frequent users of pediatric clinical services and the complex nature of their care increases their risk of medical complications. 

The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital program for children with medical complexity is designed to meet the unique needs of these special patients. Program goals include:

  • Reducing emergency room visits 
  • Preventing or shortening hospital stays
  • Identifying opportunities for more efficient or more convenient care 
  • Connecting families with available social, community and medical support services 
  • Helping patients and their families achieve the best possible quality of life

The program supports, but does not replace, medical care provided by your child's primary care physician and specialists.

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We are located at 92 Campus Drive in Scarborough, ME. Please call 207-662-5143 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for pediatric patients who are:

  • Under the long term care of three or more pediatric subspecialists, and/or
  • Living with medical equipment (such as G-tubes, NG-tubes, tracheostomy, etc.)


Our team helps coordinate care and communication between the multiple providers typically required for children with complex medical conditions. We also work to make sure that communication between these providers and the family is accurate and timely. Services include:

  • Create and regularly update a comprehensive summary of care/care plan for family and all care providers
  • Assist with coordination of medical services including dedicated phone support during regular business hours
  • Partner/coordinate care with other facilities and programs such as different specialties or transitions between BBCH and Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Provide extra support during inpatient care and during the care transition from inpatient to outpatient
  • Provide nutrition management services for patients who are tube feeding
  • Identify sources of social support and community resources and help the family access these services
  • Guide the transition from pediatric to adult care

Additional services may be added as patients needs are identified. 

Current care team members include:

Logan Murray, MD - Pediatrician

  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Summary of care and care plans

Amanda Payne, NP, APP - Advanced Practice Provider

  • Patient intake and care coordination
  • Outpatient care
  • Summary of care and care plans

Anna Nappi - Clinical Team Assistant

  • Patient referrals, scheduling, insurance authorizations, medical records
  • Inpatient rooming and clinic assistance

Jessica Rock, RN - Practice Manager

  • Triage, care coordination, inpatient rooming
  • Management of practice

Kelly Falone, RD - Registered Dietitian

  • Nutrition and feeding consultation 
  • Consultation for failure to thrive while eating by mouth
  • Nutrition management of tube feedings and ketogenic diets  

Social worker (currently hiring)

  • Access to social and community support services

Additional staff may be added according to patient needs. 

  • If you think your child could benefit from this program, please ask their primary care provider or pediatric specialist for a referral. 
  • MaineHealth providers may refer patients through EPIC REF 1904: AMB REFERRAL TO MMC PEDS COMPLEX CARE
  • For more information, please call 207-662-5143