The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

Hospital School Program

Being in the hospital can be distressing for children. It changes daily routines such as going to school. It may also cause fear of falling behind in school. The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital (BBCH) Hospital School Program helps prevent worry and stress among hospitalized children and their families. The program is for hospitalized children in kindergarten through 12th grade and is led by our Maine certified teacher, Dana Fadel M.S. Ed.  

School liaison services

With permission, we will work with your child’s school to:

  • Discuss how being in the hospital may impact your child’s education
  • Make short- or long-term adjustments to learning
  • Support your requests for IEP evaluations and/or 504 plans
  • Coordinate plans for learning at home

Academic services

Our program keeps children learning while in the hospital. We offer to:

  • Work with your child’s teachers and school while in the hospital
  • Discuss learning plans with the doctors and nurses
  • Provide individual instruction to your child
  • Offer books, games, computers and other school materials
  • Offer social and emotional support, such as online meetings for your child with their teacher and classmates
  • Help school re-entry when discharged from BBCH
  • Coordinate home-bound instruction, when needed

Before a planned visit

To prepare for a planned hospitalization:

  • Bring your school materials (books, computer, papers, etc.)
  • Notify your school of your child’s upcoming absence
  • Ask your child’s teacher and/or counselor for work he/she might miss and could complete in the hospital
  • Tell your school about our program

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to request school services, please contact:

Dana Fadel M.S. Ed.
Phone: 207-662-4308

You can also speak with your child's nurse or child life specialist.