DEI at Work

MaineHealth care team members are working together to promote and support DEI at work.

A Care Team Member Network (CTMN) consists of a group of care team members from across our system connected by factors such as race & ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture or a common interest or goal.

Current CTMNs

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) - The BIPOC CTMN focuses on bridging the gaps of race, ethnicity and culture and ensuring a space that engages our diverse voices and promotes the success of our Black, indigenous and people of color patients, staff and health care leaders. This care team member network includes our BIPOC care team members as well as allies.
  • LGBTQ+ - The LGBTQ+ CTMN serves to build community and to foster an environment inclusive of the LGBTQ+ experience, along with allies, to allow all care team members to bring their best, authentic selves to the workplace on a daily basis.
  • Leadership Connection - The Leadership Connection CTMN promotes professional development and connection for care team members who self-identify as emerging leaders or as individuals who would like to focus on their leadership development with others who have similar interests.
The DEI Ambassador program leverages the diverse background, knowledge and experiences of ambassadors to assist us in building upon our culture of respect and inclusion. The role of an ambassador is to serve as a liaison between the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Ambassador’s department or local health system.

Our care team members are able to participate in a variety of DEI educational programs including:

  • Belonging at Work
  • Effective Allyship in the Workplace
  • Inclusive Communication
  • Trans Patient Experience
  • And More