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Urinalysis is a common lab test of a person’s urine. A urinalysis often is part of a routine medical exam or done to learn specific issues about a person’s health.

Why is a urinalysis done?

The urinalysis test can provide valuable information about a person’s health and help screen for certain diseases, such as diabetes, gout, urinary tract infection or kidney stones.

How is the urine tested?

Most often a urine sample is collected in the healthcare provider’s office. Your healthcare provider will provide the container and give you instructions. The sample is examined in a lab.

What do I need to do before the test?

Normally, you don’t need to do anything special before a urinalysis.  You can eat and drink as usual before the test. In some cases your healthcare provider may want you to collect the urine in mid-stream or collect the first urine of the day.

Getting the results

Urinalysis does not provide a definite diagnosis. Your healthcare provider will tell you why the test is being ordered. Other tests may be ordered before a definitive diagnosis is given.

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