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Liver Function Test | LFT

Liver function tests are used to measure how well your liver is working based on the levels of liver enzymes and/or proteins found in your blood.

Do I need a liver function test?

The liver filters toxins out of your system and helps use food that you consume to make energy. You provider may order a liver function test to make sure your liver is healthy. Common reasons for a liver function test include:

  • Part of a normal health check-up

  • To diagnose liver disease

  • To check for liver damage

  • To scan for liver infections, like hepatitis C

  • As a precaution if you are taking a medication that might affect the liver

Symptoms of liver disease

  • Abdominal pain

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Yellowed skin

How is a liver test done?

A health professional will draw your blood into a vial, using a small needle. This vial will go to the lab, with instructions to test for liver function (LFT). The blood will be tested for proteins and/or enzymes produced by the liver.

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Share all of the medications or vitamins that you are taking with your healthcare provider, because these could affect your liver function. Your doctor will inform you if you need to fast before this test, because food can affect the test results.

First your healthcare provider will get your results. Your healthcare provider’s office will then share the results with you via phone call, email, mail, or by posting them online in your private electronic medical record.

Your healthcare provider will determine what these results mean, and will be able to address your questions.