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Complete Blood Count | CBC

Your health care provider may order a complete blood count (CBC) test to better understand your overall health.

What is a CBC test?

A CBC test can be used screen for a range of conditions and diseases, such as bleeding problems, leukemia, infection, anemia and others. It is a panel of blood tests that check on three types of cells found in your blood.

  • White blood cells, which help fight off infection
  • Red blood cells, which carry oxygen to different parts of your body
  • Platelets, which help your blood clot

Why do I need a CBC test?

A complete blood count is a very common test usually associated with an annual exam. Your health care provider may also order this test if:

  • You are feeling tired, bruising or bleeding, feeling weak or showing other signs of infection
  • You are having special medical treatment that can affect blood cell counts
  • You have been diagnosed with a disease that affects blood cells

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