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Would you like a helping hand?

MaineHealth Findhelp (formerly Aunt Bertha), is an online directory of free or reduced-cost services like medical care, food, housing and more.

Financial Assistance

Inability to pay for care will never prevent you from receiving medically-necessary services. MaineHealth offers financial counseling and programs that can assist you with your health care bill.


CarePartners builds upon a long tradition of doctors and hospitals in Maine providing care for patients regardless of health care coverage or ability to pay. CarePartners helps people get primary care and specialty care with supportive services, such as case management and low cost medicines.

Free Care

MaineHealth provides free care to all patients living at 200% of the poverty level. You can still apply for Financial Assistance even if you have insurance. It can help you pay for costs such as co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance. Qualification for free care is based on family size and gross annual income.

Coverage Team | MaineCare and the Health Insurance Marketplace

The Coverage Team helps to educate and enroll people in health insurance through the ACA - Health Insurance Marketplace and MaineCare, including full MaineCare, the MaineCare Limited Benefit, and the MaineCare Deductible/SpendDown, Medicare Savings Program, and Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP).

MedAccess Prescription Assistance Program

Funded by MaineHealth and offered through local hospitals, the MedAccess program helps patients and healthcare providers find low cost prescription drug options. Programs such as pharmaceutical companies' patient assistance programs, low-cost generic programs, Medicare Part D and state and local prescription programs can help save on medication costs.

Payment Plans

We are pleased to offer our patients an interest-free monthly installment plan for those patients unable to pay the amount due in full. To qualify for the program, please contact the MaineHealth Patient Financial Services Department at 207-887-5100.

We're standing by to answer your call.

Financial service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Understanding your Hospital Bill

Your Patient Statement shows what insurers covered, and what you owe. Here's a look at what everything means.

Your First Stop for Care

Your primary care provider should be your first stop for healthcare. They take care of you and your entire family.