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Where to Go for Care Infographic

Our "Where to Go for Care" infographic is designed to help patients identify appropriate sites of care based on cost, convenience and medical condition. MaineHealth ACO participants are encouraged to display the infographic in the practice setting and include it in patient materials.

The infographic content has been vetted by clinicians, administrators, patients, and communications professionals across the MaineHealth system. It is a component of REDUCE, a MaineHealth ACO-led initiative to reduce avoidable emergency department utilization.

Infographic File Access

The "Where to Go for Care" infographic is available in three different sizes and formats:

Poster copies may be ordered by emailing Paul Santomenna, MaineHealth ACO Communications Manager


PDF File

Click below to download a PDF file of the "Where to Go for Care" infographic.

JPG File

Click below to download a JPG file of the "Where to Go for Care" infographic for Electronic Signage display.