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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Maine Medical Partners – Pediatric Specialty Care is proud to be home to The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital's Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics clinic. Our team offers services for children with developmental and behavioral disorders and conditions. As a specialty practice we don’t provide primary pediatric care services, but we’ll work closely with your child’s primary care providers and make recommendations to manage and coordinate developmental and education services. Our work includes developmental screening and testing, diagnosis, behavior modification, guidance, parent education, and medication, if necessary.

Your child’s primary care physician needs to submit a referral request to our office (even if your child is referred by another caregiver). We’ll review the referral to make sure we’re the right resource for your child. In some cases, there are other options that may be in his or her best interest.

Our initial evaluation includes a detailed history, a medical examination, a discussion of findings and initial recommendations. Your first appointment will usually last one to two hours, followed by one or more shorter visits.

Our Services

  • Developmental & behavioral clinics
  • Multidisciplinary team clinics
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Adaptive functioning testing
  • 'Potty' University
  • MMC inpatient developmental & behavioral consultation services


We work with patients who have: