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Living Donation

Donating a kidney is a life-saving decision for someone in need of a transplant. Our mission at the Living Kidney Donation program at the Maine Transplant Program is to assist you in your endeavor to help someone in need of a kidney transplant. Read more from our Director of Living Kidney Donation, by Dr. Juan Palma. 

Donors are often a close relative such as a parent, brother or sister, son or daughter but may also be individuals who are not related but have an established emotional relationship with the recipient such as a partner or close friend. Sometimes a donor and a recipient may be incompatible with each other because of blood group or tissue-type and in this case it may be possible for them to be paired with another donor and recipient in the same situation. This means that each recipient will benefit from a transplant that they would otherwise not have had (this is called paired donation). Donors may also offer to give a kidney to someone who is on the waiting list for a transplant but whom they have never met before (this is called non-directed altruistic donation).

Click here to get answers to some frequently asked questions about being a living donor.

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Thank you for making the life-saving decision to donate a kidney. Being healthy and your willingness to donate are two of the most important factors needed to accomplish your goal. Click on the Living Donor Screening Questionnaire to begin your process.