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Patient Experience

About Our Work

Enhancing the patient and family experience across all MMC facilities is a strategic priority for our organization. MMC is committed to fostering a patient-centered care environment in which patients and their families are fully engaged and empowered to take ownership of their health. We encourage patients to partner with their healthcare providers to achieve personalized health goals. Efforts to improve patient and family experience are managed by the Director of Patient Experience under the guidance of the inter-personal Patient Experience Leadership Advisory Council. The Patient Experience program also collaborates with and supports the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

MMC's Patient and Family Advisory Council, and inter-professional Patient Experience Leadership Advisory Council.

MMC's patient experience program includes:

  • Providing appropriate education and training to employees and professional staff
  • Taking appropriate steps to make the physical environment of care more welcoming
  • Implementing evidence-based interventions to improve the patient and family experience, such as: hourly rounding, improving communication with patients and families, adequate pain management, compassionate, empathy training, and more
  • Improving and standardizing training for the First Impressions team that includes customer service representatives, operators, and volunteers
  • Using patient experience provider coaches, scripting, and service recovery as appropriate
  • Incorporating patient centeredness in recruiting and onboarding of new employees
  • Managing and distributing the data from HCAHPS and Real-time surveys
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